Music & Movement with Morah Music

Music & Movement offers a fun filled program consisting of rhythm, rhyme, and movement through the means of live music and instruments.

The program revolves around the Jewish calendar complimenting each Yom Tov and Chasidishe Yomim Tovim with an array of songs, games and musical activities.

Each class involves interactive activities, which encourages the children to participate and interact with their peers in a playful and cheerful atmosphere.

The program covers basic concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers and the Aleph Bais, with an emphasis on Mitzvos, Midos & Nigunim. In addition it incorporates physical activity using gross and fine motor skills through various exercise routines all to the beat of music.

The program is run by Mrs. Surie Levilev, an experienced music instructor who uses all her energy to get each and every student as well as teachers involved in participating throughout the program.

Mrs. Levilev has taught as a music teacher at,
JCCH of Harrison, NY
Torah Academy of Deal, NJ
Bais Rivkah Head Start
Bais Yaakov of Boro Park
Bais Yaakov of Brooklyn
Bnos Menachem
Shulamis Girls School
Yeshiva Ketana Of Manhattan
and Yeshiva Of Belle Harbor

She also does various musical programs in several other schools on special occasions.

In addition she serves as a one women band otherwise known as “Bas Kol” to meet the needs of the Jewish Female community.